Forever Wild Yates

The Forever Wild Yates Lake property, a 6,000-acre tract in east Elmore County, will soon be developed with some outstanding new trails.

CRATA has partnered with Forever Wild to design and build several miles of new trails.

The first trail will be about 5 miles of the old railroad bed between Kent, AL and Martin Dam.

The trail will feature a riverside park at the north trailhead near the dam. Several other trails such as one that will lead to Saddle Rock will divert from the railroad trail and back to parking lot. The biggest highlight of the trail will be construction of the longest pedestrian suspension bridge east of the Mississippi, which will span Channahatchee Creek. A preliminary design for the bridge has been completed and cost estimates are underway,.

If you would like to participate in this project, call (334) 541-2729 or e-mail

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